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We focus on your tax sales, title problems, and other real estate legal questions in all Missouri counties including St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

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Your Lawyer for Tax Sale Properties

Attorney Dale Sweet

Dale Sweet demystifies the process of Missouri tax foreclosures. He handles redemption notices, quiet title litigation, and court confirmations of tax sales.

We Create Free Lists of Properties at Auction

We organize all of Saint Louis City and St. Louis County’s lists of properties into clean Excel spreadsheets and browsable maps sorted by property. We also provide detailed and helpful video guides about the process.

St. Louis City Tax Sale 228

Beginning July 9, 2024

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Video Guide

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Viewing these lists and maps on our website does not create an attorney/client relationship, and this information is not intended as legal advice but is rather the dissemination of publicly available data.  We make no representations or warranties about the correctness or completeness of the information.

Get the Latest Property Lists & Video Guides Emailed to You

Five or six times per year, we’ll send you an email with the latest auction dates, spreadsheets of property lists, browse-able maps of property locations, and Dale’s helpful video guides.

Dale Sweet’s Videos Demystifying the Auction Process

In these video guides, real estate lawyer Dale Sweet breaks down the process of purchasing delinquent-tax liens and real estate in different Missouri counties.

Most Missouri Counties Tax Sale

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Dale attempts to demystify the process of purchasing delinquent-tax liens and real estate from the Collector of Revenue in most Missouri counties, with a focus on St. Louis County.

St. Louis City Tax Sale

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Dale’s guide to the process of purchasing delinquent-tax real estate from the Sheriff in the City of St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis County Post-Third List Tax Sale

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Dale’s guide to purchasing property from a Missouri county’s post-third tax sale list, with an emphasis on St. Louis County.

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