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Tax Sale Redemption

Most Missouri counties operate under the Jones-Munger Act (Chapter 140 RSMo.). A first-, second-, or third offering auction occurs each year on or beginning the fourth Monday in August. These sales have a 90-day to 18-month right of redemption.

Dale helps tax sale bidders with timing, obtaining title reports, preparing and dispatching redemption notices, and ultimately demanding Collector’s Deeds.

Quiet Title Litigation & Title Problems

Dale files quiet title lawsuits and uses other curative measures to clean up the quality of real estate title held by clients.

St. Louis City Tax Sale Confirmations

The City of St. Louis uses an entirely different system (as does Jackson County, by the way) in which no right of redemption generally applies. For an affordable package price, Dale obtains title reports, obtains suitable appraisals, and assists bidders through the court confirmation process.

Tax Sale Process

Dale takes you through the whole tax sale process.

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