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About Dale Sweet, lead attorney for Sweet Law Office

Black and white circular portrait of Missouri Tax Sale's lead attorney Dale Sweet. He is smiling and is wearing a plaid button-down shirt.

Dale Sweet graduated from Saint Louis University School of Law, and his bachelor’s degree is also from Saint Louis University.

Prior to law school, Dale became interested in the relationship between delinquent real estate taxes and vacant buildings or deteriorated property.

These days Dale is experienced with Missouri law in tax sales: the forced sale of real property to recover back taxes.  Dale enjoys speaking to real estate clubs, investor groups, and neighborhood meetings, where he provides presentations that demystify land tax sales and that address the various lien and title problems that can result from tax sales. 

Dale represents the interests of purchasers, lienholders, and taxpayers.  Dale handles Sheriff’s land tax sales in the City of St. Louis, where court confirmation is required.  Dale also works in most Missouri counties, where he helps clients comply with statutory requirements to obtain Collector’s Deeds, followed by filing quiet title lawsuits to increase the marketability of title derived from a tax sale.

In addition to tax sales, Dale enjoys cleaning up title defects and clouds on title caused by the indiscriminate use of downloaded Internet forms and office-supply-store legal documents.  Dale also handles a variety of other legal matters, mostly related to real estate.  (Just ask.)  He is known for his humorous, no-nonsense analysis of complicated matters.

In earlier careers, Dale managed historic movie theaters and served as a legal assistant to Clayton family law attorneys.  A longtime City resident, Dale participates in volunteer efforts designed to strengthen St. Louis’s historic, diverse neighborhoods.  A believer in progressive improvement to urban quality of life, he is also a serial residential rehabber.

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